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Expert Web and Graphic Designer.

Who I am?

Born in Braga in 1980 and raised in Viana do Castelo – Portugal, he took an early interest in the arts and new technologies with a focus on graphic arts, music, video and technology.

He was co-founder of the company Zeppelin Design e Comunicação, where he worked from 2000 to 2005, where he developed skills both in Graphic and Web Design, as well as in project management. At the same time, he attended a higher education course in Product Design where he complemented his knowledge of Design.

He worked as a volunteer at the AISCA association, as a Graphic Designer and Event Producer between 2009 and 2013. At the same time he worked for the Museums of Viana do Castelo (Museum of Decorative Arts and Museum of Costume) as a Graphic Designer and Producer of Cultural Events.

He always maintained a freelance activity in Graphic and Web Design, and at a certain point he felt the need to learn more about programming. Therefore, he attended the CET of Technologies and Programming of Information Systems, where he gained skills in terms of programming and information systems to carry out his activity as a Web Designer.

In recent years, he worked for companies such as Webhouse.pt and Oei.pt, where he was Project Manager and UI/UX and Multimedia Designer, coordinating a team of programmers, focusing on Digital Marketing and Social Media management.

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